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Situation: You work as the “Director of Cast Members” for Disneyland. The cast members are employees playing the role of the characters roaming around Disneyland Park, such as Mickey Mouse. These cast member employees have been complaining about their costumes being outdated with old material, causing them to sweat profusely, ripping, and becoming discolored. Each month, an average of 10 costumes are sent out to a private manufacturer to repair rips, or replace discolored fabric. Each time a costume is sent out for any type of repair, it costs Disneyland $450 to fix (per costume). In addition to the $450 repair fee, there is a $50 shipping fee per costume ($500 total cost per costume). Due to this, certain characters may not roam the park when the costume is out being repaired, causing guests to be upset they can’t take a photo with their favorite character. Also, employees are upset because guests notice “old-looking” costumes and submit complaints on these employees. You have said enough is enough, and you have agreed you should contact the boss to request new costumes.

Writing Task: Write a Persuasive E-mail Message to your boss, the Vice President of Costume Organization at Disneyland, You will need to persuade him to allow your department to order 20 new character costumes for your cast members, which will cost $1,000 for each costume. Please be sure to use persuasive reasoning to support the request.

Be sure to organize your thoughts/ideas and apply the organization of information to the format of your E-mail

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