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my company information:The name of my company is Liquid. It is located in Silicon Valley, San Francisco, CA. Our used service is helping big companies to write codes for their products. In these years progress, I think we can try to turn into mid-sized and develop our new services. We used have 15 people in our company and now we are changing into a mid-sized company, since, we need to hire more employees. We need hire 35 more employees to make our team more powerful and creative. 
company issue: My company used help big company to programming their projects. Now we are changing into mid-size company. We have more programmer since, we need exploit our own programs and software. The problem now for our company is to create our own products. We need a good representative work to improve the popularity of our company.
A short, formal report that incorporates appropriate research in order to illustrate an issue and possibly make recommendations.Your Task: Compose a brief report suitable for a formal business setting. You MUST meet these requirements:

Your report must include all the appropriate sections: 

Title section
Executive Summary
Appropriate body sections
Conclusion and Recommendations
Appendix (if applicable)

Your report must incorporate research, either original or secondary (or both). Make sure you include both in-text citations and a bibliography.
Your report must have appropriate tone and content given its purpose and audience(s).
NOTE: The Final version of the Report will end up at LEAST 8 pages, with the Title Page counting as 1 and any appendices (including the annotated bibliography) counting as 1. This means that you need 6 pages of text, following the normal requirements of spacing, formatting, etc. for professional documents.
Please make sure your report is double-spaced

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