business plan pitch

This is personal….. Handle with care…. 

“Walters Enterprise Janitorial/Cleaning  Services”

The purpose of this business plan is to pitch a cleaning services business in sumter, SC.
What I need in this proposal is a outline of what the business is and what my goal is to accomplish it. I would like to start a family business that can be handed down to my children. And hopefully be around for a long time.
I want to serve the sumter area, getting businesses to give me a 3 year contract cleaning there establishment.
I want to focus my business on cleaning daycares, dr. offices, lawyers offices, financial institutions.

I plan to purchase all cleaning supplies out of contract bid agreed on.

I don’t want to talk money just yet. This proposal is just something I want to present to someone for some connects.

If you think researching some projected profits that can be made in the sumter sc in this business is useful to show then please do. 

This is personal, not a school assignment. Please handle this with care.