Business Organizations

Business Organizations

Support your responses with appropriate cases, laws and other relevant examples by using at least one scholarly source from the Library in addition to your textbook for each scenario. Do not copy the scenario text into the paper. Label the beginning of each scenario with the number you selected (e.g., Scenario 1). Using APA format, submit a 3 to 4 page paper, not including the cover page or references. Cite your sources in APA format on a separate page.

Scenario 1 – Partnerships

Mary, Janet and Shantil formed a partnership, Brookdale Senior Care (BSC), to provide temporary housing and general care for elderly people in Memphis, Tennessee. One of the temporary residents left the stove on and burned down the house, which resulted in the loss of the entire building and contents. One of the residents, Francine, sued BSC and obtained a judgment of $ 30,000 against it, but the partnership could not pay the judgment.

What are Francine’s options if the Brookdale partnership cannot pay the $30,000?
Assuming Janet has the funds in her savings account, will Francine be successful if she tries to collect the entire debt from Janet?
What are Janet’s options if Francine sues her for the entire debt?

Scenario 2 – Choice of Business Organizations

Paige, Phoebe and Piper are interested in going into business together. Piper inherited a great deal of money from her sister, Priscilla. Paige is an experienced salesperson with a marketing degree from Western State University and worked for five years as a senior sales manager in a large auto parts manufacturing corporation. Phoebe is an engineer who has developed a prototype for a very small car that will be affordable for everyone, while offering superb quality and safety features.

Paige, Phoebe and Piper believe a general partnership is the best form of business for the trio. Do you agree? Provide the advantages and disadvantages of their selection and then discuss two other options that might be more appropriate for the group. Conclude your paper by making a recommendation for the most appropriate choice. Support your answer with the applicable law and/or text material.