Business or Corporate research paper

Introduction to Business Paper
You are to write a 5 page research paper on a business or corporation. The paper should be double spaced, New Times Roman 12 font and should include a cover and work cited page in addition to the 5 content pages. With that stated, your paper should be at least 7 pages in length.
Your paper must be done using MLA formatting style which includes:

A title page with the title in the middle of the page
Page numbering in the upper right corner beginning with 1 on the title page
All sources cited in the body of the paper
A work cited page at the end in MLA format

For instructions on how to format the paper using MLA, refer to the two links below.
Purdue Owl MLA Formatting Link (Links to an external site.)
HCC Library Research Writing LinkLinks to an external site.
You may also want to submit your paper to Upswing Tutoring. They will proof read your paper for content, grammar, presentation and MLA formatting. Make sure to include the instructions for the paper so they know what to proof read for.
Upswing tutoring link Link (Links to an external site.)
First research and select a business or corporation you would like to know more about.  The business or corporation may be local, national or international.
Your paper should you include or discuss the following questions.
1. History of the business/corporation.
When was it formed?
Where was it formed?
Who are the founders?
What is their product or service?
What is their business philosophy?
2. Company’s Impact on Business/Industry/Society
What are the business innovations/inventions?
Is the company involved in the community or improving the environment? If so, how?
3. Leadership/Management Style
Who or what led to the company’s success or failure? 
How large is the organization and what is their organizational structure?
What types of people are employed by the business/corporation?
4. Marketing
Describe or detail their marketing strategy and marketing environment.
Who is their target market?
5. Finances
What is the business/corporations financial status?
6. Company’s Future Direction
What are they planning for the future?
7. Conclusion
Do you see success or failure in the future?

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