Employee motivation:
How do intrinsic and extrinsic rewards compare in their effect on job satisfaction and turnover?
Cover page using APA style: HYPERLINK “”
Choice of topic- topic to be included as a title in your cover page
One paragraph explaining your choice of topic: what makes your topic of choice important? Why should a busy executive take the time to learn about this topic? (your argument for the relevance of the topic should include citations)
Brainstorming: keywords and brainstorming ideas (We will start this exercise during the Librarian’s session)
What are the keywords that you are starting your search with? What is your research question?
List keywords and synonyms/alternate spellings
List the subject terms that you used to create a refined, more focused search
Thesis statement: Be specific and focus your thesis statement on what you will be writing in the paper
Hint: you cannot write a solid thesis statement if you quickly research a list of references from your library. You need to have read the references and have identified components, points of interest, ambiguities, and possible arguments.
Definitions of key concepts and/or relevant theories:
Some notes on definitions
For example, if you choose to talk about pay equity, you should define what pay equity is; define what the pay gap is (gender and/or race); explain how pay equity is different from pay equality.
Your research should lead you to the key concepts that are relevant to your topic and need to be defined.
Definitions and explanations should include in-text citations using APA style.
Bibliography (at least 6 peer-reviewed journal articles)- use APA

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