During this class, you will be demonstrating leadership in a setting created by you. The idea is to provide “service” to others either here at Camosun, at your place of work or within your community (an opportunity to apply some of the principles of Servant Leadership). You might lead a study group, coach/mentor a new student or a student from another country, or work with a college department to make a contribution to student life, here at the college. At your place of work, you might take the lead on a project or responsibility that you may not otherwise have taken on such as start a recycling or orientation program; the possibilities are endless. Your goal is to visibly take on a leadership role to influence others using the objectives you set for this. Be bold in your choice of situation so that you are challenged as a leader and taking a risk that you might not otherwise take. The approved objectives will be worth 5% and the demonstration itself will be worth 10%. BOTH must be completed. 1) Choose the situation in which you will demonstrate leadership – ensure you have at least two participants/followers. Briefly describe the intended situation and set yourself 4 – 5 outcomes/objectives. These outcomes are to be written in a very particular way so that the statements reflect the deliberate and observable behaviour you intend to demonstrate. Pay particular attention to using task vs relationship leader behaviours. Have this approved by your instructor (worth 5%)。

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Describe why you like and you don’t like the Arcticle? Psychology’s colorful characters Four members are honored for the trails they blazed on behalf of minority psychologists. By TORI DeANGELIS….

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MMIS 671 – Constrained Optimization Problems

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