Bus 400 alpha

Read the case and answer these questions, 1-2 pages no more

In general, what do you think is more important, strategy of the company or its structure?

Is there a relationship between strategy and structure?
In your opinion, what comes first, strategy or structure?

Do you think an Alphabet is a good example of a conglomerate?

Compare Alphabet to at least three similar companies.
What makes Alphabet different from other conglomerates?

What is “core” Google?

What fuels Google search business?
Why has its incredible performance been so sustainable?

Why did Google diversify by acquiring YouTube – an online video side – or Android – a mobile operating system – when they had no valuable expertise in these areas?

Shouldn’t they have been worried about the fact that Google did not have any expertise in video platforms or mobile operating systems before these investments?
What can Google provide to these assets?

Why does Alphabet own widely different subsidiaries under the same corporate structure?

What are the benefits of this choice?
And the costs?
Are there limits for diversification of Alphabet?
What is the logic behind Alphabet’s investment in Nest?

What is the rationale behind the decentralized structure chosen by Alphabet?

What are the benefits of this conglomerate structure?
Its drawbacks?
Under what conditions is this structure an appropriate organizational design for a diversified company?

Is Alphabet’s corporate governance (and in particular the presence of dual class shares) appropriate for the organization?

What are the benefits?
And the costs?

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