Bullying in the workplace and the effects on workers

Bullying in the workplace and the effects on workers.

Scholarly research is always a leap from the known to the unknown. The literature review and conceptual framework are used to construct a platform of the known from which you jump. Constructed carefully, the literature review and conceptual framework can maximize the chances of your spanning the abyss and reaching something substantive when you land. Constructed carelessly, they can undermine your research.

  • The literature review should carefully examine prior research and thought relevant to key aspects of your anticipated research. It should be used to inform:The problem to be addressed and its significance
  • The conceptual framework (for CASE STUDY)
  • The research questions, hypotheses, foreshadowed problems, or conjectures
  • The research paradigm and the methodology
  • The subsections indicated below are of the process and components of a literature review ;
  • 2-A. Introduction: Topic(s), Purposes, and Methods of the Literature Review:
    2-B. Description and Critique of Scholarly Literature:
    2-C. Inferences for Forthcoming Study:
    2-D. Conceptual Framework for Forthcoming Study

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