cultivating high performing team and building it

cultivating high performing team. having a well-functioning team is the best way for you to attain high levels of performance, innovation, and employee satisfaction. I don’t think anyone would disagree with that statement. So it was scary for me to learn that “about 60% of the time, work teams fail to accomplish their goals” so says a leading management specialist. That’s a lot of teams underperforming. That’s a lot of failing.

Under-performing teams

When working with underperforming teams there are some symptoms that you quickly learn to notice. When you spot these symptoms you know the team is unproductive and is plotting its course to failure. These symptoms include; failing to accomplish goals, poor communication, unaddressed conflict within the team, chaotic handling of tasks, a lack of loyalty towards one another, and energy being focused on areas not aligned with the team’s goals.


A leader’s number one priority should be to build a great team. I believe that this is the most important area to judge the ability of any leader; the quality and effectiveness of the team they build. Creating a team that makes a positive impact on the bottom line of your business takes an exhausting amount of work and dedication to achieve. If it was easy then everyone would succeed and as we already know only about one third ever do.

cultivating high performing team: Lack of Purpose

The team lacks a clear and compelling vision. Teams have to know not only their destination but also that they have a compelling reason for getting there. The purpose has to be inspiring. It should resonate with the individual values of each team member. Without this the team will coast, doing what they need to just get by. Nobody on the team will do more than is necessary. A team with a purpose will know the answer to the question, “Why does our team exist?” And that provides meaning and direction to the team’s activities.

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