Briefly discuss the signs and symptoms of Bipolar II disorder

Briefly discuss the signs and symptoms of Bipolar II disorder

Briefly discussed the signs and symptoms of Bipolar II disorder according to the DSM-5 write about the diagnostic criteria.

Write about laboratory findings and provide a peer-reviewed resource to back the information you write.

Provide a minimum of three possible Differential diagnoses for Bipolar II and why you chose them. List them from highest priority to lowest priority.  When you write about the differential diagnoses included the diagnostic features. What was your primary diagnosis and why? ( My primary diagnosis for this assignment is Bipolar II.) Describe how your primary diagnosis aligns with DSM-5 diagnostic criteria and is supported by the patient’s symptoms. The client states she has about a week’s worth of mania followed by deep depression. She states that she is so depressed till she can’t get out of bed. This client’s primary care provider put her on Adderall is known to increase mania so if a client is on Adderall you should consider discontinuing the drug until the mania is resolve to provide scholarly resources to back up this information.


Include at least five scholarly resources to support your assessment, diagnosis, and treatment planning inference to Bipolar II.

Include pharmacologic and nonpharmacologic treatments for Bipolar II, alternative therapies, and follow-up parameters, as well as a rationale for this treatment and management plan.  include at least one health promotion activity and one patient education strategy for clients with Bipolar II.