Bridging Generational Gaps in the Workplace

Bridging Generational Gaps in the Workplace. For this assignment, you will select a topic which relates to your team’s selected topic to research more thoroughly. You will need to locate three business related articles on your selected topic.
Once you have located your three articles, you will write up a short, 3 page review of the articles. In the review, you will summarize, compare, and contrast the articles and draw conclusions and suggestions for effective managerial practice.

Bridging Generational Gaps in the Workplace

Your articles must be from a well-known, reputable source like the Wall Street Journal, Inc., Harvard Business Review, Fortune, Entrepreneur, Forbes, The New York Times, Business Week, Financial Times, Barron’s, or from one of the databases in the FSCJ online library, googlescholar, etc….. The articles should have been published within the past 180 days and be comprised of the equivalent of 2 or more magazine pages. Be careful not to use a blog, wiki, website content or any unknown source for your article review or an article that is too short or doesn’t contain much substance. 
Your review should be primarily, more than 95%, original written work. Under no circumstance should you copy material from an article and represent it as your own work. If you need to quote briefly from an article to make a point, be sure to put the quotation in quotation marks, and cite it appropriately.Write the citation of the article in APA (American Psychological Association) format at the top of your paper. If you are uncertain of how to cite your article, please refer to
Your article review should include the following components: 
An introduction paragraph that informs the reader that you intend to review. Compare, and contrast three articles. Tell the reader why you selected that particular topic and associated articles to review. The purpose of the introduction paragraph is to prepare the reader for what is to follow in your review.
The overall purpose of each article. What was the main theme of each article? Do not copy. Restate in your own words. 
What new ideas or information were communicated in the articles?
Were the conclusions valid? Do you agree with each authors’ point of view? Why?
What did you learn from reading the articles that is applicable to your learning and the course?

How will you apply what you learned to your workplace or in your personal life?
A conclusion paragraph that briefly informs the reader what you wrote about in your review and your overall findings. 
Please study the grading rubric first before you start with this assignment. 

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