Breathing Life Into Your Work

Breathing Life Into Your Work.
‘Love’. How can such a small word mean so much? It can make you feel as mighty as the wind or as miserable as the penniless. Funny, but you’ll never realize that you are totally a different person when you are struck by love. I recall my favorite song which is “Crazy Over You. ” Who would have thought that love could drive somebody in the verge of madness and yet still be happy with the experience? Try to imagine getting crazy over a person you love and just think that “I am head over heels for you and that just feels great.

” Sometimes, the heart makes decision, that the mind cannot explain, and this is when one will eventually realize that he or she is already in a vessel steering hard enough to be in the harbor of safety, hoping that it would end well. Based from the song, a love can get so consuming, and in the process of the romantic relationship, a person may lose oneself or might as well say that a little of everything may leave you nothing. Love is strong enough to hit somebody in the head and make that person forget who he or she really is the following day.

However, I find the song interesting because in a broader sense, it is not just a manifestation of the typical ‘crazy love’. Underneath it lies the truth that when you love, you have to give your best shot, and alongside that love, you have to be able to leave something for yourself. In general, falling in love can be a sweet torment—sweet, because it offers you the ride that you ever dreamed of, and torment, because by the time that you are already consumed by it, you will never know where you are headed next and you will just realize you are already losing yourself.
Chocolates I love chocolates. They remind me of my childhood when I can still stick my fingers into my mouth and feel the sweet taste of chocolate bursting on my tongue. I love the aroma of cocoa wafting from the kitchen. It makes me imagine how sweet life can be. As a child, I was like an ant that swarms over anything sweet. I grabbed every chocolate at home that my eyes set upon. I was so hooked into chocolates that I ate them until my teeth ached. I just can’t get over the satisfaction that chocolates have to offer.
Whenever I think of chocolates, they also make me think of having freedom. I wonder why that is. Then, a thought occurred to me: when I was a kid, chocolate was something that my parents considered as unhealthy, but what can I do? I had a sweet tooth, and being able to eat chocolates at my own expense was like stating that I would be able to eat whatever I liked to eat. Hence, for me, chocolate is more than just a candy. Chocolate is my friend, my companion during the lonely moments of my life.
Indeed, my life would not be complete without chocolates. Tired I have two jobs right now, and I can say that I am working like a machine all the time. It is as if among the weariness that most people bear, mine is the worst. Everyday is like a travel through a thousand miles, and at the end of the day, I am always out of energy. After coming home from work, I feel like my whole body is under a massive rock and I could feel the sore piercing through my muscles.
What adds up to the feeling of exhaustion is the undeniable churning of my stomach. As I arrive at our house, there is a sense of excitement within me. As I hurriedly go inside, my nose picks up the faint aroma of food spices. What is really thrilling is that mother prepares something special, and that is what I am looking forward to. With the hunger I am feeling which is intensified by my weariness, I could eat a horse. By the time that I am through munching on my food, I will lay my restless body on my waiting bed and sleep like a log.

Breathing Life Into Your Work

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