Breaking the Rules, Wrong or Right

Ismayrani Olmos October 20, 2015 English 2. Peeples. 1st period Breaking the Rules, Wrong or Right? Is it ever okay to break the rules to get what you want? Well it is never okay to break the rules to get what you want. Do you know what that is called? Greed, acquisitive, avaricious, self-seeking. You become so caught up in winning or getting what you want that to satisfy your desires that you disobey the rules. Regulations that have been set so that things run smoothly or fairly for that matter. The unimaginable depravity it requires to commit such a wicked perverse act is unbelievable.
It is wrong, unfair, and disrespectful to the other person who of which you are cheating. Take this for example, lying on your food stamps application. You are cheating the government and actually stealing. There are people, families that apply for food stamps and are truly in need of them and they are rejected. And if you really sit down and think about it you are taking away that opportunity from those who are really do need that extra help, but don’t get to receive it all because you don’t want to have to pay with your money.
Money that comes from your pocket. Money that you do have. Instead you are taking advantage of the governments money. That is to loathe, it is unfair to the other people who are rejected but need it. Another example to take into consideration is not paying your taxes. When you do not pay your taxes to the IRS, for starters it’s wrong and at the end you come out loosing because they will find you and you will pay all that you have been holding back on. There are people who do pay their part.

What makes you think that you are anymore special to feel you have the liberty to no pay just because you don’t feel like it. Nobody in their right mind has the authority to say they won’t pay taxes. If the case is that you just want to save a little more money well then cut back on extra things that you really don’t need to be buying or start couponing. You can even go looking for sales. There is nothing wrong with saving money but there is a lot of wrong doing when you decide you are not going to pay the IRS.
Paying your do’s is a must. There are thousands and thousands of people who work extremely hard for what they want, whether if it’s a position at the office, a higher title in a business, or even a spot on the team. What ever it may be, and then for some stranger to come along one day and cheat his or her way in without doing any sort of backbreaking work to have received what you so desperately put all your blood and sweat in.
To want something just doesn’t cut it. You have to work even fight if it’s necessary to get what you want. When and while you do it the right way, meaning you don’t play dirty, throwing people under the bust. Then when that day comes you will be recognized as worthy of what you are receiving and not seen as an egoistic person. So next time you see something that yo want are you going to think twice about how you are going to obtain it.

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