Boys&Girls Club

The Boys & Girls Club has opened my eyes to many opportunities. This is a safe place where parents can drop off their children or child when they have to go to work. Every day after school I go the Boys & Girls and I have so many things I could do. Such as playing sports in the gym, and even swim in the indoor swimming pool. The Boys &Girls club has a teen center where I always have someone to talk to like friends, counselors, even staff members.
I have been a member of the Boys & Girls club since the third grade. I used to like coming to the club but now I love it even more. The club is where I can study and do my homework. I have many interests I’m involved with such as the torch club, mentoring, and previously in apprentice. These activities help me get involved with the community as I grow up. For example the torch club helps me keep the earth clean by recycling, helping the elderly, and giving food and other items needed by people.
The mentoring program helps me improve my learning skills for any subject. They help with homework, tests, quizzes, and have fun with you like a best friend. The club means a lot to me as you can see and I’m pretty sure other kids think the same way. I think I am very lucky to be part of the club. I will always keep the club in my heart because their like my second family. I have been a member for 5 years and I think this place is sweet. The club is a great place to be. That’s what the Boys & Girls club means to me.

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