Boutique Hotels in North America and the United Kingdom

Boutique Hotels in North America and the United Kingdom. They originated from major cities in North America and the United Kingdom. B. hotels are generally small, unique in theme and architectural design and focus on offering unique experience to their guests (Kosar, 2014). B hotels’ target market includes clients aged between 20 and 55 years. Also, some boutique hotels offer technological facilities while others are less focused on technology and instead focus on creating intimate and soothing environment in secluded areas. In recent years, the hotel industry has faced stiff competition. As a result, boutique hotels focus on developing unique features to cope with the growing competition.

Investors are likely to face several operational challenges when developing new hotels. The first challenge is selecting the architectural design and theme of the hotel. One unique feature of hotels is their personalized design. A new boutique hotel must create its own unique identity with architectural designs and themes different from other hotels and traditional hotels.  An investor is faced with a challenge of creating a unique and stylish hotel that gives the clients a unique experience making them want to visit again.

Boutique Hotels

Secondly, a new hotel must develop superior customer service. Personalized customer service is what differentiates boutique hotels from the traditional hotels (Kosar, 2014). To cope with competition, a new boutique hotel must provide its clients with excellent customer service.  Theys are able to offer desirable personalized service to their customers because the hotels are generally smaller in size. However, to cope with the increased competition, a newhotel must develop excellent personalized service to their customers. To be able to offer superior customer service, the hotel must develop a culture of quality service. Everyone in the hotel including the receptionists, management, waitresses and room attendants must demonstrate this culture to be able to provide the excellent customer service.

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