Booting and Question

Question 1 Question1 You want to allow users to access the CD-RW device on your machine from any other host on the network via NFS. Further, you only want them to have read-only access to the device. Which line should you add to the /etc/exports file to allow this? a. /mnt /cdrom *(ro) b. /mnt /cdrom *(r) c. /mnt /cdrom * d. /mnt /cdrom Question 2 Which of the following files defines how FTP connection requests are processed by the TCP Wrapper? a. ftpusers b. inetd. conf c. ftpaccess d. xferlog Question 3 Which of the following devices would be the first SCSI hard disk on a Linux system? . /dev/sd0 b. /dev/sd1 c. /dev/sda d. /dev/sdb Question 4 With a umask value of 112, what are the default permissions assigned to newly created files? a. —x–x-wx b. -rw-rw-r– c. -r-xr-x-r– d. -rw-rw—- Question 5 You are installing Linux on a machine that has had a handful of other operating systems on it previously. During the installation, it becomes apparent that LILO cannot write to the master boot record because another boot loader is already there. What utility should you use to reinstall the MBR and remove what is already there? a. fsck /mbr b. fdisk /mbr . /etc/disktab /mbr d. /sbin/lilo /mbr Question 6 The former administrator of Mercury Technical is no longer employed there. You are the new administrator, but do not know the root password. If you boot into single user mode, you can change the root password, but what command must you give at a LILO prompt to be able to do this? a. linux single b. linux passwd c. linux 3 d. linux one Question 7 You wish to find all the three-letter files in the current directory that end with the letter y. What command should you use? a. ls *y b. ls *y* c. ls ?? y d. ls ?? y* Question 8
Karl has been loaned a machine from the lab to use in evaluating a project he is working on. He is told that there is a known problem on this machine with the ATAPI. Which of the following devices will this problem be most likely to affect? a. Modem b. Sound card c. Video display d. CD-ROM Question 9 Leroy must create a boot disk on his Red Hat workstation. Which utility can he use to accomplish this? a. makedisk b. mkbootdisk c. /sbin/lilo -b d. makeroot Question 10 Kristin is the DHCP administrator for her network. She needs to install the DHCP client software on a number of new machines that have arrived.
What package should she install? a. pump b. Squid c. Apache d. Swatch Question 11 Which utility is available in many Linux implementations for use in configuring the sound card? a. sndadmin b. sndmin c. sndconfig d. radius Question 12 Which configuration file is used to identify where system messages are recorded? a. logrotate. conf b. syslog. conf c. conf. modules d. modules. conf Question 13 What search criteria would best be used to find the lines within the MERCURY file about “clients”? a. grep clients MERCURY b. find clients MERCURY c. sed clients MERCURY d. search clients MERCURY Question 14

Which of the files holds configuration information on how to manage terminal devices (respawn them)? a. /etc/initd b. /etc/inetd c. /etc/inittab d. /dev/inetd Question 15 Which of the following types of modems should be avoided for use with the Linux operating system? a. Internal PCI/ISA b. External Serial c. Winmodems d. Cable Question 16 By default, which of the following files would constitute the Apache document root? a. smb. conf b. httpd. conf c. apache. conf d. index. html Question 17 Which command can be used to rearrange the order of jobs in a spooling queue awaiting printing? . lpc b. lpstat c. lpq d. lpr Question 18 Which field of the /etc/passwd file holds the passwords for users? a. first b. second c. third d. fourth Question 19 It is 3:00 and you are late for a meeting. You need to start the qwerty utility before heading to the meeting so it will run for the next few hours and compile weekly system usage results. Currently you are logged in as a regular user, but the qwerty script requires root permission to run. How should you execute the script? a. su ; qwerty b. su qwerty c. su –c qwerty d. su : qwerty Question 20
Which file system can you not use with the mount utility? a. msdos b. coda c. autofs d. swap Question 21 Which of the following will set the variable DAY equal to FRIDAY? a. DAY FRIDAY b. DAY=FRIDAY c. DAY:FRIDAY d. $DAY FRIDAY Question 22 Which utility can be used to list modules, remove modules, and add modules? a. modprobe b. insmod c. rmmod d. depmod Question 23 A process with a PID number of 1777 has entered runaway mode. You have tried to remove it with a standard kill command, but it will not go away. What command can you use to be assured the process will terminate? a. ill –NOW 1777 b. kill –HUP 1777 c. kill –15 1777 d. kill –9 1777 Question 24 Which of the following runlevels will reboot the system? a. 0 b. 2 c. 4 d. 6 Question 25 You wish to extract an archive from a tape. The archive was created using tar, and you want to copy all the contents from the tape back to the system. What one option must you use with tar to accomplish this? a. c b. x c. v d. r Answers 1. A. The command needs to mount the CD drive (/mnt /cdrom) and make it available to all users (*) in read-only mode (ro). When combined together, this makes the command: /mnt /cdrom *(ro) . B. The /etc/inetd. conf file defines how FTP connection requests are processed by the TCP Wrapper. The /etc/ftpusers file is used to list users who cannot use FTP, whereas /etc/ftpaccess lists rules for users who can access FTP. The /var/log/xferlog holds information about file transfers that have occurred. 3. C. The first SCSI hard disk would be referenced as /dev/sda, while the second would be /dev/sdb, and so on. 4. C. The default permissions for newly created files are 666 (-rw-rw-rw-). The umask value is subtracted from the default, leaving a permission of 554 (-r-xr-xr–). 5.
B. The fdisk utility is used to format the disk, and the /mbr option is used to wipe out and clean the existing master boot record. None of the other utilities listed have a /mbr option, making them all incorrect choices. 6. A. You must boot into single user mode at the LILO prompt, and the command to do such is linux single. 7. C. The question mark (? ) stands for any single character. Since you are looking only for three letter names, and you know the last letter to be a “y”, you must specify any two characters (by using two question marks), followed by the known letter (?? y). 8.
D. The ATAPI interface is used for devices such as IDE and EIDE. The most likely device within the choices presented to utilize such an interface is the CD-ROM. 9. B. The mkbootdisk utility (found in /sbin) is used to create the boot disk. 10. A. The pump package provides the DHCP/BOOTP client needed to obtain dynamic addresses from a DHCP server. Squid is a proxy package, whereas Apache is used to provide Web services. Swatch is a Perl script that is used to monitor log files. 11. C. The sndconfig utility is used to install and configure sound cards on Linux. 12. B. The /etc/syslog. onf file holds configuration information for system logging. 13. A. To look within a file for matching text, the grep utility is used. The syntax is: grep {what you are looking for} {where you are looking for it} 14. C. The /etc/inittab file holds the initialization table and states that terminal devices should be respawned when terminated (/etc/getty). 15. C. Winmodems use a portion of the Windows operating system to operate properly and are notoriously incompatible with most Linux implementations. 16. B. The default document root under Apache is the /etc/httpd/conf/httpd. conf file. 17.
A. The lpc utility can be used to rearrange jobs awaiting printing as well as disable/enable a printer or queue and find the status of printers. 18. B. The first field of the /etc/passwd file is the username, while the second holds the password. The third field holds the unique ID number, and the fourth contains the group ID number. 19. C. The –c option with su will prompt you for the root user’s password. Once given, it will then run the command given as the root user. 20. D. The mount utility can be used with any supported filesystem (viewable from the man page for mount) except swap. 21.
B. To set a variable equal to a value, merely type it using the syntax: variable=value 22. A. The modprobe command can be used with options to be able to list (-l) or remove modules (-r). By default, it is used to add modules. 23. D. The –9 signal is the most lethal, and will terminate the process immediately. All other signals are weaker than –9. There is no such signal as NOW (choice A). 24. D. Changing to a runlevel of 6 will take the system down and then bring it back up again – effectively performing a warm boot of the system. 25. B. The x option is used with tar to extract a file.

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