Book Will Always Exist

Book will always exist We are living in a century of technical progress. More and more new gadgets appear in our everyday lives. If I had been told ten years ago that I would be able to check e-mails, listen to the music and read electronic books with the use of only mobile phone, I wouldn’t have believed it. Nevertheless nowadays it’s as easy as abc to read a book through computer, mobile phone or a special e-books reader.
Major IT corporations raise competition for the invention of the most modern and convenient devise helping people among other options to read e-books. One of the advantages of e-books is that you can download it to your mobile phone, for example. Consequently there’s no need to take a heavy thick book with you anymore. Additionally some internet sources give the possibility to download files for free. You don’t go shopping, just to click on an icon.
Hence, you simultaneously save your money and time – the most vital things in life. With the appearance of I-Pads, thin and light, more people change from paper books to this new handy gadget. However in spite of the variety of technical devises for reading, in my opinion, books will always exist. There is a large group of people who prefer simple paper to any modern equipment. Some people like the feel and the smell of paper. From my point of view that’s because paper is a natural material, produced from wood.

Megapolis citizens often suffer from the lack of nature in the world of electronics and technology. Likewise when I think of myself recharging my batteries after a hard working day I imagine myself lying on a cosy sofa reading a thrilling book, a real paper book. I’d hazard a guess that I’m not the only one for whom a book may be associated with comfort and relax. That’s why it’s so pleasant to hold a book, turn its pages and feel yourself enjoying the atmosphere.

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