Book/movie review

Book/movie review.Introduction: author’s name, title, sense of whether you like the book, foreshadow the outline of your paper to come.
II. Body
A. Author’s Credentials (use your own words to describe his education, books he’s written, and other important experience. Provide lots of examples. Use your own words , and provide a citation about where you found out about him. This section should be only one paragraph (perhaps 1/4 page) long.
B. Author’s Thesis and is it Believable (one short paragraph)
C. Author’s Use of Sources (one-two paragraphs) Tell me which types of sources he uses, and provide multiple examples of each. Be specific.
D. Author’s Organizational Style (one paragraph) Provide multiple examples.
E. Author’s Bias/Neutrality (one-two paragraphs) Provide examples.
F. How does this book complement any other material (assigned films, assigned readings, or common sense) on this topic. Provide specific examples.
G. Is it well-written? Provide examples
H. Is it interesting? Provide examples
I. Does your author provide the reader with assistance? Provide examples of maps, charts, glossaries…)
J. Other evaluative areas, as appropriate.

III. Conclusion (one paragraph) Briefly restate your main points, using slightly different language, and give me the bottom line: Do you recommend this book?

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