Bodegas Caballe – an International Recruitment Excersise

Bodegas Caballe – an International Recruitment Excersise.
Case Study 2: Bodegas Caballe – An International Recruitment Exercise Bodegas Caballe – An International Recruitment Exercise Dear Mr. Caballe, Dear Bodegas Caballe Selection Committee, First of all we would like to thank you for putting trustfulness in our work as newcomers in your company Bodegas Caballe. After considering the commissioning letter and the four reports we have analysed them carefully to make a reasonable choice, who is the most suitable applicant.
We established the following criteria to select the best applicant for your company: Nationality, marital status, current employer and position, reason for leaving, expected salary, educational background, language skills, professional background, further information and interview assessment. We have ranked each applicant from 1 to 4 in all criteria. On top of that we have evaluated the importance of each criterion for your company. Based on this we have multiplied the ranking with the quantifier. So in the end the best possible result is 1, while 4 is the worst case.
In the following section you will find the explanations for the weighting of the criteria. We evaluated the nationality and the marital status as least important, because these criteria have no significance about an applicant’s qualities. The criterion “Reason for leaving” has more importance, due to the fact that based on this point general working attitudes can be assessed early and possible problems in business relationships can be foreseen. However this should not be the most decisive factor in comparison to other criteria.

Your company proposes a yearly salary of $45000 – $60000. Therefore we quantified this criterion less important, because no applicant exceeds this limit significantly. The educational background has more relevance because it offers a first sight on the applicant’s knowledge. Hence, this criterion has middle weight importance for the assessment of the applicants. The further given information and the applicants’ interview outcome are of equal importance, because they indicate more information about the applicants’ personalities and characteristics.
The language skills are of crucial importance. In consequence of your expansion to Central Europe and especially Poland, we expect good communication qualities in English and Polish. The current employer and position of the applicant is weighted as a significant factor. With the aid of this information you can tell if the applicants are able to represent the company and if they have sufficient abilities in the fields of coordination and management.
The most essential criterion is “Professional background”. It describes working experience, market knowledge and external relationships that are of high relevance for the applicant’s position at Bodegas Caballe. Ranking chart The chart below shows the above mentioned criteria and their weighting-quantifier. Furthermore you can see the applicants ranking for each criterion in detail. The lowest row “Total result” shows the overall ranking. Criterion |Quantifier |Boleslaw |Maria |Sergei |Stanislaw | |Nationality |2,50% |1 |2 |4 |3 | |Marital status |2,50% |4 |2 |3 |1 | |Employer & position |15,00% |2 |4 |3 |1 | |Reason for leaving |5,00% |4 |2 |3 |1 | |Salary |7,50% |4 |2 |1 |3 | |Education |10,00% |3 |2 |1 |4 | |Language skills 12,50% |1 |2 |3 |4 | |Professional background |25,00% |4 |2 |3 |1 | |Further information |10,00% |3 |2 |4 |1 | |Interview assessment |10,00% |1 |3 |4 |2 | |Total result |100,00% |2,75 |2,4 |2,875 |1,975 | Discussion of applicants The results of our assessment show a great tendency towards Stanislaw Michalski. Maria de la Garriga is ranked second with an average score of 2. 4. The third position is held by Boleslaw Piasecki with a total result of 2. 75. The least qualified applicant with a score of 2. 875 is Sergei Nikitin. In the following sections each applicant will be discussed separately. We have an overall negative impression of Sergei Nikitin. He seems to be very dissatisfied with his current employer and showed unsuitable behaviour during the interview.
Although he has a good educational background and experience as a sales representative that should qualify him to realize the expansion plans in Central Europe, his company does not want him as the manager of the sales team. So there must be a reason in his attitude or work that makes him less suitable for such an important position. He has the lowest expectations of salary with $45000, however his plans to move to the United States and his American working mentality do not fit into your company. Furthermore, his language skills are not optimal for a position in Central Europe and Poland. The third ranked applicant Boleslaw Piasecki has the best language skills among the four applicants and he made a good impression during the interview your company held with him.
His current employer Torum Hotel and Restaurant and his position as the Manager of Catering Services and Purchasing seem to be rather fitting for Bodegas Caballe at first sight. But his rankings in the other criteria are mostly 3s and 4s. His reason for leaving indicates that he has very high expectations of compensations from his company. Therefore he wants to earn $65000 per year, which is above your limit of $60000. On top of that he demands commission, car and expenses from Bodegas Caballe. Especially his previous education and professional background as a priest and Ph. D. in history do not lead to choosing him, because it is rather unusual for the business world. The further information given on Boleslaw shows that he has overbearing manners and irregular working attitude.
Maria de la Garriga is ranked second in almost every criterion, which would be a generally good choice. Her experience and position at the University of Cracow show that she did not work in the sales of wine and spirits for the last 10 years. But during the interview she made clear that she wants move into selling, because she is tired of the academic world. Her nervousness and little signs of arrogance appear as character weaknesses that may result in problems when entering a new market and establishing business relationships. Apart from that she has good qualities in various fields. She is capable of leading projects and has achieved great management skills in her position. For example she provided other universities with training programs.
Her language skills of Spanish, Russian, English and Polish and her degree in Foreign Literature and Languages are suitable for the central European region. She expects a salary of $55000 per year, which is in your proposed range of $45000 – $60000. Moreover, she established good contacts with major retailers during her activities at the University. As stated above our preferred applicant for the position as the Sales Representative is Stanislaw Michalski. Although his educational background (High-school leaving certificate) as well as his language skills are not impressive, he has reached a high position on the career ladder and seems to enjoy a quite good reputation in the market.
He started with merchandising, stocking and ordering, moved into buying as Assistant Buyer and is currently the Head Buyer of alcoholic beverages. This implicates that he has been always loyal towards his company. His reason for leaving Intersection Hypermarkets is perfect for Bodegas Caballe. He wants to move to Poland together with his wife and his four kids, which indicates that family is of high importance for him. His expected salary of $60000 for this position is also your proposed limit, which should definitely not be a reason for refusal. The extended information you provided on Stanislaw makes a great impression of his character and personality.
He is involved into different cultural, ethic and public organisations, which shows that he can take over responsibility and reliability. He has great knowledge of and interest in Poland, so he will have no problems communicating and working in Poland. The evaluations and recommendations stated above should only be regarded as an advice for your final decision. Depending on how the different criteria are weighted, some deviations may occur. Nevertheless we think that either Stanislaw Michalski or Maria de la Garriga are the most suitable applicants for your company and the position offered, because both applicants convince due to their skills and attitude.

Bodegas Caballe – an International Recruitment Excersise

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