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WK3Assgn2ANeddermeyer General Discussion a. Create a “measurement matrix” in Excel that identifies, categorizes, and ranks as many relevant performance measurements as you think are important to your chosen company’s business strategy. b. Write a one- to two-paragraph summary of why you think these are the important measurement criteria and why you’ve ranked them in the order you have. Categries| Rank| Quality| 1 – High Prority| People| 2- Medium Priority| Safety| 3 – Low Priority| Growth|  | Measurement| Category| Rank/Priority| Employee Satisfaction| People| 1| Workplace Safety/Injury incidence| Safety| 1|
Number of current patents| Growth| 2| Medications in the pipeline| Growth| 1| Excess Medications in warehouse| Growth| 1| Employee Attrition rate| People| 1| FDA Approvals for indications| Growth| 1| FDA denials for indications| Growth| 1| Sales| Growth| 1| Customer feedback| Quality| 1| Effectiveness of treatments| Quality| 1| Sustained customer base (%loyal customers)| Quality| 1| Waste of supplies| Quality| 1| Research & Development products| Growth| 1| % of market share| Growth| 1| % of staff Qualitifcations completed| Safety| 1| Successful regulatory surveys| Quality| 1| Net income| Growth| 1| Revenue| Growth| 1|
Ranking in industry| Growth| 1| Litigation volume| Growth| 2| Project timelines for product development| Growth| 1| Timeline for drug manufacturing| Growth| 1| Operating Margin| Growth| 1| Workman Compensation cases opened/closed| Safety| 1| Identification of metrics is a fundamental component of measuring the effectiveness of a business plan or a strategic plan. Metrics help organizations understand the current business climate, the competitive positioning and assists in planning. I did not realize the level of difficulty in the selection of metric until thinking about which metrics would be important to the business I selected.

Genentech Inc is Biotechnology Company comprised of scientific professionals, sale staff, researchers, administrative staff and educators. Patents and exclusivity of the manufacturing of the medications, large volume drug sales, and a robust research/development program drives the company to succeed. In addition to the aforementioned metrics, I also selected workplace safety and injury rates as additional metrics because of the potential lost revenue from having to retain placement staff or costs associated with payments to injured staff.
Much of my selection was based on some of the categories indicated in Hess’ description of worthwhile metrics. I struggled with the prioritization portion of this assignment as I felt most of the metrics needed to be identified as a high priority performance indicator. Reference Attaway, F. (2012). Organic growth interview. Obtained from Walden University Coursework. Schulz, W. C. (2007), Towards a More Precise SWOT Analysis: SCOT Analysis & Competitive Potential, Unpublished Teaching Note. (5p) Hess, E. D. (2007). The road to organic growth: How great companies consistently grow marketshare from within. New York: McGraw-Hill.

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