Anthropology and our thoughts in society

Anthropology and our thoughts. Choose one or more of these topics. Think about how your post can be written in 3 parts (syllabus pg 4) – present something of interest or value to your classmates on one or more of these topics, explain why you think the way that you do, utilizing resources such as internet sites, video clips, materials from text, etc (making sure to cite your references and using quotation marks if direct quotes), then pose questions about what you wish you knew more about this topic, or pose questions to stimulate your classmates to respond! As your classmates respond to your post, you are not responsible for acknowledging every single post, but I will look to see that you have monitored your post and….

Using the Deming Cycle to improve your learning

How might you use the Deming Cycle to improve your learning and classroom performance?

What the Deming cycle is, with its historyHow to apply the Deming cycle to improve your business processesThe important distinction between PDSA and PDCAHow PDSA is employed in the medical field

Deming’s approach is not just about improving processes, but about improving a whole business.

Question 17

What is lean thinking? Describe some of the popular tools used in lean applications

The core idea is to maximize customer value while minimizing waste. Simply, lean means creating more value for customers with fewer resources.

A lean organization understands customer value and focuses its key processes to continuously increase it. The ultimate goal is to provide perfect value to the customer through a perfect value creation process that….

Asians history in America and its impact

Asians history in America and its impact. The Asians had no good education or rather they lacked papers and for this reason they produced the manpower needed to build the transcontinental railway line, in the American farms and the newly built factories and industries. The salary they received was a quarter of what the white man received and in the other hand, the very little they received was highly taxed. Increase of the Arab increment lead to racial fears, which made Americans to view it as a threat to their work and security. The Arabs were then discriminated to an extension such that even birth in the American soil one did not obtain the American citizenship. The American women received a warning not to intermarry with the Arab….

100 Years of anti-Arab and anti-Muslim stereotyping

In Hollywood, there has been a steady recording of the Arabs stereotyping according to the Arab American community. Arabs viewed in media and films receive the impression of them being the bad people, taking the role of bombers or people with a lot of money. According to the film of Thomas, Arab women take part in dancing in-order to attract the male audiences present. Arabs are viewed as bad people who do dirty business including auctioning of the women. In most of the movies released, they portray Arabs being killed by the military force. There has been committees cropping up that try to cool down the negative portrayal of Arabs but the short backs encountered by such groups/committees is huge. The Arabs living in America feel separation from….

The New York Times accused railroad Wen Ho Lee

James Risen a reporter from the New York Times approached and requested Don and Marshall to tell him whether they have had that Lee had been spying for the Chinese government. This article is explaining on the media is spending its time giving out false information and accusations to innocent citizens. The paper discussed to the people convincing them on how Lee had explored the American secrets to the people of china.

The New York Times in the whole of Washington like a fire in the bush, revealing how lee had disclosed information to the china about nuclear great secrets for the bombs, spread the whole story. Although lee did not appear in the paper, it was clear that he was the chief suspect for the spying. It….

Racism received great support in the United States

Racism received great support in the United States where the whites undermined the blacks. The whole process became successful because the white men were favored and so humiliating the black people was like a legal thing to them. The African- Americans lived in ghettos where they picked and taken to custody for they were incriminated to be drug traffickers by the Americans. The black people did not only receive discrimination from the whites but they also experienced racial isolations. This happened when the captives went out of the custody and returned to their ghetto homes. Even on their return back home, the black still received the isolation torture by the Americans and racial separation was not a past thing to them. The campaign launched in the united state….

Formulate and communicate intervention strategies

For a country and an occupational health issues of your choice, for example, MSDs; Mental health; Occupational Asthma, analyse and synthesize the current literature on recent changes in demography, industrial structure and labour market and their potential impact on the health of workers. Produce and evidence based occupational health intervention Strategy suitable for your chosen occupational health issues.

Intending Learning Outcomes: 1. Critically evaluate social, demographic and industrial influences on occupational safety and health and wellbeing.

2. Access and interprete relevant injury and ill-health data to make recommendations for prioritisation of intervention. 3. Make judgement s on alternative strategies to manage workplace safety and health risks. 4. Formulate and communicate intervention strategies addressing workplace health and safety risks. Key skills. 1. Communication -written presentation 2. Application of numeracy….