Benefits of Science

Daylon Coles Everybody in this country knows the benefits of having science apart of our culture. Science is the systematized body of knowledge which helps our minds to learn and discover all about everything. It improves us by developing our minds, creating advancements in technology and makes it a bit easier to live in our world.
Science matters in our world and it should matter for the simple fact that without science, we would fail to make advancements in life, from a business and ethical standpoint, and it should matter because ancient civilizations which were far more advanced than us, incorporated science as their primary means of survival and advancements. Measles is a highly contagious viral illness of the respiratory system that spreads through airborne droplets when an infected person coughs or sneezes.
Historically, measles has been a life taking disease, but WHO (World Health Organizations) reported in 2006 that measles death rates dropped from 871,000 to 454,000 between 1999 and 2004, thanks to a global immunization drive. That’s about a 50 percent decrease in 5 years thanks to the advancement in Science. Living in this country you can’t fail to neglect the business aspect of it. Science has also proved to have some pros to the business aspect of life.

If we were to take a look at some numbers, exclude ethics, and examine the business aspect, ’some’ people are actually generating a very good profit: In the year 2008, there were more than two dozen pharmaceutical companies that grossed over a billion dollars. In order to determine if we need science in our world, we would have to determine whether or not the world would be a more effective place without science. That would mean taking away the scientists of the world and imagining the world without it.
I’ll attempt to focus on a couple of scientist and what they do and you, the reader, can determine whether or not we need these sciences: Agricultural Scientist- Study commercial plants, animals and cultivation techniques that increases the productivity of farms, Microbiologists- study bacteria, virus and fungi, Neuroscientist- study the function of the nervous system, Medical scientists- Scientists who carry out clinical trials to find revolutionary solutions in the field of medicine. So for instance, you take away the science of agriculture and you fail to have to necessary crops to produce basic means for life.
You take away microbiology and you will no longer have the tools to create vaccines for diseases people encounter in everyday life. If you were to sit back for a moment, and just visualize the world without the many different braches of science, you can clearly see the world is in much need and will continue to be in dire need of science. One negative viewpoint people may try to take is that advancement in science and technology brings pollution, destroys animal life and maybe even one day it will destroy earth.
People may also believe Science opposes the way humans should live, degrading our morals and encourage humans to be lazy and materialistic. These theories can potentially be true, but before fully agreeing with them ask you to imagine this scenario; If you were sitting in a room tied down to a chair with a loaded gun on the table, would the gun shoot you? It’s just you, four walls, yourself tied down to the chair and the loaded gun. Obviously the gun would not shot you. That is the same exact concept of science. It’s not the science that causes so much pollution and makes people lazy; it’s the people.
If you were to take a doctor who specializes in abortions, but decides to never indulge in performing such operations, people wouldn’t see him as abusing his right. So when looking at science from a negative viewpoint remember guns don’t kill people, people kill people. No matter how you look at it, science is a vital concept in life and without it, we would be a lost civilization. Science does matter in the world and it should matter for the simple reason of progression. If you aren’t going forwards, then you’re going backwards and fortunately, science is the tool that allows us to continue to advance.

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