Benefits of Performing Appraisal in Nursing

Benefits of Performing Appraisal in Nursing

Benefits of Performing Appraisal in Nursing. Performing appraisal captivates and reinforces employees by assessing their accomplishments. The managers base their evaluation on the staff’s behaviour and results, whereby they must convey transparency for fairness and objectivity. In the healthcare sector, the main purpose of an appraisal is to provide feedback on the nurses’ performance, which helps them deliberate on their progress and set goals. Performance appraisal is important in nursing as it enhances quality nursing care, boosts motivation and job satisfaction, and builds employee engagement.

Nursing is a praiseworthy profession that requires determination to provide patient care. Without regular appraisals, the line managers may fail to identify the employee’s strengths and weaknesses, which reduces patient safety. According to Kanwal et al. (2021), performing assessment should be a continuous process that aids in managing career progress in healthcare. As such, the supervisors can identify the employee’s strengths and recommend training areas to overcome weaknesses. Additionally, performance assessment enhances motivation and job satisfaction. Ramdan et al. (2020) argue that boosting motivation should be a major consideration in patient care. In agreement, motivation increases productivity hence better patient care; the patient’s outcome plays a vital role in building trust and increasing satisfaction. Generally, conducting appraisal in nursing is necessary as it guarantees quality health care, motivation, and satisfaction, thus increasing productivity.

Performance Appraisal

Through performance appraisal, employees gain knowledge of the responsibilities and duties they must undertake to attain their goals. The evaluation process allows the line managers to communicate with the workforce, encouraging development; the employees can reflect on their progress and be enthusiastic about providing better future results. Ajibola et al. (2019) claim that sequencing performance reviews in any organization lead to achieving goals (p.148). These achievements reduce nurse burnout and turnover, thus increasing productivity and engagement. Moreover, Carthon et al. (2020) agree that nurse engagement links to patient safety. For this reason, the employees have better morale while performing their duties, thus accountability and teamwork. Conclusively, regular reviews provide a clear understanding of one’s obligations and areas to improve on, further boosting engagement and teamwork in healthcare.

Nursing is one of the most crucial professions. Hence line supervisors should conduct performance appraisals consistently. The reviews are important as they help provide the nurses with performance progress, allowing them to reflect on their accomplishments and set future goals. Performance reviews are vital because they provide benefits like quality health care, motivation, satisfaction, and increased employee engagement. These benefits lead to a rewarding nursing career where the workforce enhances safety and gains trust in the patients’ health.









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