Benchmark Assignment—Goals for Stevens District Hospital, Part 1

Assignment Content

   Clear, actionable, and measurable goals are essential to strategic planning. It is important that the goals are designed to support the mission and vision of an organization.   

Complete the chart with a total of 260 to 350 words. Your analysis should be based on your review of the data provided in the Stevens District Hospital Strategic Planning Scenario and your SWOT analysis.

Identify a clear, actionable, and measurable technology goal for the organization that clearly supports the mission and vision.

Analyze how this goal supports the mission and vision of the hospital.

Explain how you would measure progress toward the goal.

Discuss milestones necessary for progress.
Discuss the criteria you would use to measure that the goal was completed.
Cite 2 peer-reviewed, scholarly, or similar references to support your assignment.

Use correct APA in-text citation guidelines and include references above.

Submit your assignment.


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