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Question 1
Bell Hooks is an acclaimed intellectual who is known for her insight and tough analysis on the black culture. In her life she has earned many titles; the contemporary feminist, cultural critic, social activist, cultural critic, artist, writer and most outstandingly pussy to booty analyst.

This an alias she earned from her popular book who’s pussy is this? She was born in a small segregated black community in Hopkinsville town in Kentucky in 25th September 1958. The economic and social settings were not one she could boast about as the community it was poverty ridden and the source of income was just by working for low pay at construction sites or other low paying joints.
Born by Veodis Watkins and Rosa Bell Watkins, Her real name is Gloria Jean Watkins but she chose the name Bell Hooks as a tribute to her grandmother and great grandmother. She earned a scholarship to Stanford University where she did her BA, later she went for masters at University of Wisconsin in Madison and finally University of California for her PhD. In 2014 she launched the bell hooks institute at Berea College situated in Berea, Kentucky.
Question 2
Apart from giving her views in her books and popular website, she does her critic and gives further insights on black stories and popular cultures in television shows, newspaper columns and lecture talks with students in universities across the country. She has written over 30 books and the most popular titles are; Aint I a woman written in 1981, this books dissects the black culture and pays critical attention to the black woman.
It studies what she does and gives theories to the reasons behind her action. Her theories are believed to hold water and make a lot sense as she gives explicit examples from the Kentucky community she grew in. In 1984 she wrote feminist theory which seemed like a sequel to her previous book. Here she gave more insights and explained how the black woman is marketing herself as an effort to level her reputation with white women by advertising herself in a different way; showcasing her booty.
All about love was another best selling title written in the 2000, its subtitle was; new vision. Many young blacks have a liking for it as it holds connection to their daily love life; the book explains the theory of why teenagers think of falling in love at a tender age. It is an analogy of the teenagers having a feeling that their parents or the society doesn’t give them enough love and attention and they tend to supplement the love with romantic affairs.
In 2004 she wrote We real cool explained the black man’s culture and perception of masculinity. Her latest piece that has reader’s attention is whose pussy is this; it is trending as it explains the culture and general perception of booty.
Question 3
The bottom line of all her books and lectures is to educate the audience that not all they and perceive about the booty is true. Before the audience; which is mostly the youth make a decision to widen her hips or enlarge her booty she should first have a critical analysis and the implications.
Her view is that black female choice to resort to booty enhancement was out of desperation to be noticed and somewhat respected like the white females; that was at the end of racism period in the 1980. She believes that youths are attached to it as they see it to represent the new pop culture, one where the booty is perceived as a sexual liberator.
This claims that is backed up by media evidence as females that have big booty are mostly if not the ones that always appear on television commercials and Hooks sees is deception. The central focus in females has shifted from the vagina to her booty as its visibility is a marketing advantage. Hooks is particularly saddened by the booty highlight on kids’ clothes as it will make them grow in the deceptive theory that the only way to get noticed is by highlighting the attention on the booty, she says it’s a destructive direction we are pointing the children to.
Question 4
I totally agree with her theories because the booty has moved from a liberator of sexuality to portraying the egoistic nature of a woman. It is very deceptive as women with big booty think that they have a natural advantage over other women, they believe that they can dictate the male that can posses the booty according to the males financial status.
This trend also increases the HIV transmission rate youths as they engage in anal sex under the misconception that anal sex does not transmit HIV. REFERENCESA discussion video of Bell Hooks panel answering to students questions

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