Be Careful of the Hidden Clause in Contract

We use contracts to handle a lot of things in our life. Such as, we need contract to rent an apartment, to get a wireless phone service, to install a cable TV, to get a job, to open a bank account etc. However, the contract is not simple and straightforward. There are many hidden dangers that we are not conscious. We must be careful of the hidden clause in contract in order to protect the benefit of us.
At the first glance, you may feel eased since there are a lot of tedious clauses in contract to protect you if the service does not get delivered in time with good quality as promised, if another pay does not pay you on time. You may feel that the contracts are wordy and unreadable so you don’t have to study it cautiously. I am even thinking why all the person like to make the contracts so wordy? I open a bank account only. Why give me contract more than 10 pages? I just rent an apartment; does it need a contract like a book?
I know that the longer contract can make the rights and the obligations clearer than the short one. But just because it is wordy, I don’t read it all; and because I don’t read it all, I fail to know the most important thing to me in the contract and lost a lot. However, contracts do not always protect you, especially the pre-prints from service providers, if you ready contract carefully with enough patience, you will find a number of areas you can unknowingly find yourself getting into trouble or being taken advantage of.

For example, some contract may look like to give you a large rebate, but you will find you are bounded to the server provider for two years just after you signed it, you can get out of it unless you pay a large penalty. In the contract like this, the part of rebate usual is written in the easy-find-way and the part of unconscionability used euphemistic description. So, my mind is full of the benefits I can get and forget what I need pay for that. Whatever, the clause you ignored maybe the very critical. Read the contract carefully and patiently is very important.

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