Barriers of Dell

For Dell Company to achieve its organizational development and change it requires several things to be done. Without which the company will not be in a position to achieve its set goals. Anything that will block the company from attaining its objective of organizational development will be a barrier to its development. There are many barriers to organization development and they vary from organization to organization. All the processes that are involved in the organizational development require funds.

The initial stage of the organizational development involves analysis and research so as to establish the most likely problem the company is going through. Every part of this research will involve money, for example the materials used in the research, the hired manpower to carry out the research. The organization therefore needs money to have all this recommendations be implemented. Before Dell coming up with an idea of making simple machine to his customers he had to make a research so as to establish the level at which his customers could operate his machines.

Establishing a channel by which Dell could get feedback required funds. According to consumer channels feed back (2009) Dell was to use the modern technology in his management. The advantage with this modern communication was its efficiency in terms of time and accuracy. Despite its efficiency this technology requires a lot of initial capital to install it. This means that the company needs a lot of funds so as to start using this technology in its management. Without this money the company can not establish good feedback to its customers.
Therefore in case the money from Dell Company’s returns goes down then it will imply that he will not be in a position to establish these channels. In this case funds become barrier to his organizational development. Dell has as tried as much as possible to reduce the number of middlemen in his chain of distribution. He has an intension of reduce the cost of his product in doing so. But this can also become a barrier to his development. The reason for middlemen is to increase the rate of exchange of goods and services at the ground level.
Without them some of the areas will never be reached hence the consumers coverage area will be small as compared to his competitors. It is through this channel that he can understand his customers fully; hence without these middlemen it can be impossible to understand some of his customers. The idea of reducing the middlemen therefore can be a barrier to the development of Dell Company. Dell put a lot of interest in his customer; he produces machines that are demanded by his customers. Foxall, G. (2005.
) Understanding consumers is the key to winning them. This means that a lot of his goods and service are done on demand instead of innovation. This can become a barrier especially in this era of technological advancement and development. He should stop producing goods on demand and come up with new skills that will lead to invention of new machines that are more efficient than the ones he produced later. This will help him have a competitive advantage over his competitors. Dell was also ensuring that his goods gain an advantage over the other competitors.
To do this he was making sure that he reduces the number of hands during the manufacturing process. This can become a barrier to the organizational development since it will reduce the out put of the firm. When less people are working the out put will be low and hence the company will have low incomes. Before any progress is noticed the workers in the organization must own the recommendations, if they fail to own them it becomes hard to implement them, Dell to not have any strategy that looks at the needs of the workers.
When the company encounters this problem then it becomes a barrier to its organizational development. This company has put a lot of emphasis on the completive strategy. There is nothing put in place so as to look at the workers within the company. Since they are the ones to implement the ideas of Dell they may be barriers to the development of the company. The strategy of global consultancy can become barrier to Dell’s development. This will expose this company to may company’s that manufacture the some goods and service to Dell company.
Some of this companies can steal the skills used by Dell in its manufacture and start produce a replica of Dell machine in their own names and hence establishing new competitors that will reduce the market command to Dell company. As this company workers interacts with the other foreign company they may start to demand some favors that are given to workers of other countries. When this favors are beyond Dell’s or to expensive for him then this becomes a barrier to his development.
In some cases such worker may even transfer to other companies with also the technological skill acquired in Dell Company hence becoming a big treat to Dell. Schiff man, L. G. (1993), explains that worker behavior is influence by other worker in their environment Reference Foxall, G. (2005. ) Understanding Consumer Choice. Baingstoke. Palgrave Macmillian. Schiffman, L. G. (1993), Understanding Workers Consumer Behavior, Prentice Hall International, London. http://www. allbusiness. com/marketing-advertising/marketing-advertising/5504141-1. html

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