Baroque Composers

This meaner you complete all work in a word processing document (e. G. , Microsoft Word) and attach the file using the dropped tool. Use the Unit 5: Text Questions dropped basket. The answers to the Review & Critical Thinking questions are worth 10 points. Unit Five: Text Questions Review Questions 1 . What are figured bass and basso continuo? How are they related? 2. What is ornamentation? 3. What is an oratorio? How does it differ from an opera? 4. What is an orchestra? How did the development of orchestras influence Baroque music? 5. What is an instrumental suite? Critical Thinking Questions .
What are the characteristics of Baroque music? How would you describe Baroque 2. Choose one of the composers discussed in the unit and listen to several of the composer’s works. Which works did you listen to? How would you describe this composer’s music? Why do you think this composer was an influential figure in Baroque music? 3. How did composers and musicians think about themselves during the Baroque period? How did this influence the music that they created? 4. What advantages and disadvantages did Baroque composers have in the patronage system? What did they gain from this practice?
What limitations did it place on them? 5. Baroque music often tried to capture and reflect a particular emotion or feeling. Choose one of the musical works in the unit. Identify the work that you chose. What feeling or emotion is the composer trying to capture or reflect in the work? What aspects of the music lead you to this emotion or feeling? Discussion Questions Please post questions and answers on the UNIT FIVE discussion boards. Unless otherwise instructed, you should submit at least one full paragraph for each question. Each discussion assignment is worth 5 points.

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