Balloon Car

Jesse Pinkman Balloon Car Project DESIGN COMPANY INFORMATION Well our business company is comprised of Nick Wilson and I, Thomas Kinley. Our Company’s name is That Company®. I am the President, The CFO, and the Director of all Operations of That Company. My engineering experience will really enhance our chances of winning this and making even more cars. I’ve worked for many toy companies to get cars running. I think our idea will help Iowa’s kid have fun and save the world because of the recycled materials.
This will benefit students by giving them something to play within their free time instead of watching TV. PROJECT STATEMENT The project that is at hand is very simple it is making a balloon powered car out of simply recycled materials. This will help kids of Iowa learn about wheels and axles. It will also teach them how to make the most out of materials that could be recycled. This will also teach the kids about the Laws of Motion, friction, and acceleration.
Basically our project will be distributed to teach kids about many different things in science. PRELIMINARY DESIGN My design will start with an empty pop can, and then I will screw holes for the axles (pencils) to go into. Then I will shave the pencils for the least amount friction, and then I will stick the milk carton caps on as my wheels. I will spray WD-40 on to really loosen up the axle. I am going to cut some of the can off for aerodynamics. My car will win because it will be aerodynamic, little friction, but still a lot of acceleration.

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