Bahrain Bay Case Study

1- The 4 main philosophy ideas that Bahrain Bay? s tries to communicate consist in: 1. Communicate a wide range of messages to the broadest range of audiences, such is the example of taking a risky marketing move to go to Cannes and advertise themselves there to a wide range of people. 2. Address challenges as they present themselves in the competitive market place, because they are starting a business in a place where the economy is booming, so it’s a very lucrative place but risky as well. 3.
Ensure that all marketing messages conform to the highest possible standards: because they are looking for clients who are willing to pay what they ask for. In other words, they are looking out for clients who are not afraid to afford the costs of acquiring a new space in their terrains. 4. Support the brand name of Bahrain Bay as a vision of the business future: for example helping their surroundings to blossom in terms of economic success. 2- In my opinion Bahrain? s Bay mission is to achieve a sustainable business, moreover to gain high profits from it to a very exclusive market.
Because getting one of those places is not for everyone. They manage to penetrate a very exclusive clientele which are able to afford the wanted price and they have done it in such a successful way that there is still demand on this sort of landpieces. They have also shown interest in helping their surroundings. Maybe as a marketing strategy so that the place doesn’t look dangerous nor looks that it is taking advantage of the land without taking in consideration its original population.

Therefore they have decided to make a very important image move in helping the locals to get a better life by sponsoring the football team for example. 3- During the MIPIM they were able to get the attention of several investors and developers. They were able to share and embrace the same vision of the project with these investors and developers which were about 26,000 people in a new coming and diversifying economy that will adapt to the 21st century lifestyle. – Due to its starting blossom economicaly speaking, Bahrain it’s a very juicy place for oversea inverstors. It has a lot of potential which has not fully been achieved. Right now this place is in a postion very desired for people wanting to invest lots of money expecting highly rewards from it. 5- Bahrain Bay is not the only project taking place in the region. Nowadays there are other major financial and commercial centers. Never the less we can not put aside the great importance of Bahrain Bay to the place. There are also other projects such as: B.
Investment Wharf , Financial Harbor, B. City Center… which including B. Bay represent a high percentage of the countries growth. 6- Part of their new marketing program, consists in sponsoring the local Football team. This helps the local areas to start a new rise in an economical level and in a social level. Making the local economy increase might make the place more interesting for the tourists and further investors. They are also achieving with the newly founded foundations fighting poverty and helping the locals in a positive way.

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