Attributes of Great Teachers

Attributes of Great Teachers. Great teachers make a positive impact on how well students perform at school. Some teachers are more effective than other teachers. Therefore, some teachers will have more impact on students than others. Great teachers work diligently to create a challenging and positive environment for the learners. Becoming a great teacher leader requires both adequate knowledge and positive attitude towards the learners, the subject and the learning institution. Great leaders have special attributes that make the learning experience successful.

The teacher in the YouTube video is a great one. The teacher genuinely cares about the students the same way he cares for his children. He is respectful, warm and empathetic. The teacher greets the students when they get to school at the start of the day and wishes them well in the evening when the students leave school. He asks the students about their life experiences outside school and recognizes the challenges his students face while at home (Figueroa, 2013). The teacher acknowledges that the student’s experiences outside school impacts their learning experience and that is why he offers support when the students are in need. Educators who care about their students have more impact on how well the learners perform at school. The caring attitude enables the students to believe in their capacity and become more receptive to feedback that helps them learn.

Attributes of Great Teachers

Additionally, the teacher in the video uses effective teaching strategies to enable the students grasp different concepts. This shows that the teacher cares for the learners. The teacher employs interesting methods of teaching to help the students learn better. The teacher teaches the students important life lessons by sharing his own experiences. He believes in his students, challenges them and supports them to excel. The students and adults in the video describe the teacher as interesting, thoughtful and empathetic. One student states that the teacher uses teaching strategies that help him remain interested in the topic of discussion (Figueroa, 2013). Another student states that she will not forget what the teacher has taught her in years to come. The students argue that the teacher is thoughtful and empathetic because he is interested in the experiences the students have outside school.

The scholars Marzano, Danielson and Dufour describe the main attributes of great teacher leaders and identify the most effective teaching strategies. According to the Marzano model, effective teachers set goals, provide feedback and assists students when they are interacting with new knowledge (Concordia University Portland, 2017). Additionally, a great teacher provide the learners with simulations, engages with students, maintains relationships with the learners, develop and maintain classroom rules and communicate high expectations (Concordia University Portland, 2017). Marzano’s model identifies effective classroom strategies and behaviors that make teachers effective. The strategies include summarizing and taking notes, homework and practice, setting objectives and providing feedback, developing and testing hypothesis and identifying differences and similarities (Concordia University Portland, 2017). Marzano’s model argues that teachers should choose areas of improvement to become effective teacher leaders.

Further, the Danielson framework considers both the teacher quality and teaching quality. The framework recognizes teacher quality as a combination of personal traits and skills. According to the framework, a great teacher collaborates effectively with peers, is involved with the community and demonstrates willingness to differentiate the modes of instruction to help each student perform well (Moss, 2015). Additionally, the Danielson framework describes a great teacher leader as one who creates a risk taking environment for learners where the learners know that the educator cares about their personal and learning needs (White, 2017). A great teacher also plans ahead of time, provides different instruction opportunities, has strong organizational skills and relates well with parents, students and the administration. A great teacher should also be prepared to learn to continuous improve their knowledge.

Moreover, the DuFour model describes the key attributes of a great teacher leader. Great teachers are expected to work collaboratively with commitment to each other, delivers a guaranteed curriculum to ensure that each student gets the opportunity to learn. Also, the model expects the learning institution to work interdependently towards a common goal. Likewise, a great leader is expected to gather data frequently, demonstrate commitment to continuous improvement and is results oriented (Souhan, 2016).  These attributes are necessary for a successful learning experience.

Lastly, there are important characteristics that teacher leaders must possess.  These characteristics include capacity for growth, in depth content knowledge, expert use of instructional methods, consistent excellence, positive relationships with other adults, effective classroom management strategy and willingness to work long hours (Goldberg, n.d). The teaching profession undergoes constant change; therefore, a teacher leader must be open to continuous learning and growth to maintain high standards. Additionally, scholars agree that educators must possess a solid command of the content they teach. Also, great teacher leaders use a variety of instructional materials to get excellent results. Great leaders must demonstrate consistent excellence despite the normal life challenges. Maintaining good relationships with other adults, having the ability to manage the classroom effectively and dedicating long working hours are key characteristics of great teacher leaders.

There are qualities that make teachers great. Some of these qualities are not able to acquire. Therefore, some leaders are more effective than others depending on their attributes and teaching strategies. Scholars such as Marzano, Danielson and Dufour describe the main attributes of great teacher leaders and identify the most effective teaching strategies. The key attributes that make teacher leaders great include ability to set goals, provide feedback, assist students when they are interacting with new knowledge, and active involvement to meet a common goal.  Also, a teacher is said to be great if they are empathetic, caring and thoughtful.

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