Attracting and Retaining Qualified Employees

Attracting and Retaining Qualified Employees. Select one paper as a case study; thus, only the paper and your textbook are your references. ( the book are attached the topic in chapter 14)
2. You need your research questions (why you chose the paper or topic) and methodology (not authors). please mentioned the own case study method
3. Every case study needs a theoretical background — (from the paper and your textbook).
4. Data is a numerical table from your paper; without it; there is no analysis, discussion, and conclusion. Table should have had reference and label
5.please Clear and share the case study topic with me so i can share it with the instructor before starting your writing.
then please choose the topic to write a case study on it, re-summarize it (no copy paste only your own words) as the above instruction and below rubric
Part I: Introduction: Include: 1 page maximum
(a) Your research questions
(b) Your case study method
Part II: Literature Review.2 pages maximum
This is just the theoretical facts to back up the topic.
Part III: Data to back up your topic: 2 pages maximum
Part IV: Analysis and discussion.: 2 pages maximum
Part V: Conclusion : 1 page maximum
please mentioned the own case study method

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