ATOD; Educational Program; Substance Abuse; Psychology; Family Counseling

 Part 1 – Community Education Program (Alcohol and Alcoholism class)
Fast forward to 2021. The school has assigned you the task of developing an ATOD education presentation for parents of middle school-age children living in your community.  Parents have requested this training because they feel they do not have current and correct information about the ATOD’s that may be available to their children. It has been decided the education session will be held on a Saturday between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Children will not be attending the session; it is an educational opportunity for adults.
For this assignment, you are required to develop an educational program that focuses on chapters 6-15 in the Hanson et al. text. You will select four (4) teaching points from each chapter you will present to the audience of parents. There is not one correct set of main points; rather the student will determine what they believe to be the most important information for parents to learn about each drug. It is not required for students to present their educational program to a group of parents.
 Students will be graded on the following required points:

Inclusion of four (4) teaching points from chapters 6-15 in the Hanson et al. text. Each main point is equal to 3.5 points (40 x 3.5=140 points).
Description of how the Educational Project will be structured. For example, what is the order in which topics will be presented, will the format of the program be lecture style, interactive, or both? How will the audience become engaged in the presentation? Equal to 6 points.
Use of correct spelling and grammar. Equal to 4 points.

Students will submit a working draft of The Community Education Program on the date indicated on the Course Schedule section of this syllabus. The working draft is not graded, but allows the student to receive feedback on their work before submitting the assignment for a grade. The Community Education Program is worth a total of 150 points and is due on the date indicated on the Course Schedule section of this syllabus.

Part 2  
Presentation of Community Education Program-students will present a video summary of their Community Education Program to the instructor on the date indicated on the Course Schedule of the Course Syllabus.
A visual aid containing all 40 teaching points. Examples of a visual aid include a handout, flyer, or Power Point slide. If the student chooses to use Power Point as a visual aid, not more than 4 slides should be used. 

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