Assignment W05: SWR #4: Integrating Sources.

Assignment W05: SWR #4: Integrating Sources

Integrating Sources : TOPICS TO INTEGRATE ON ARE:* Importance of Media
*Information Literacy
*Power and Persuasion in Media and
Quoting, paraphrasing, and summarizing are the three main ways to integrate another person’s ideas into your own work. And, whenever we incorporate someone else’s ideas in our work, whether we are quoting, paraphrasing or summarizing, we must cite the source using an in-text citation and a full citation page[which is called a references page in APA] at the end of the writing project. Quoting, paraphrasing, summarizing, and citing well allows us to give credit to the original writer and avoid plagiarism.


For this assignment, you will integrate at least one quote, one paraphrase, and one summary from one or more of the sources that you found about the piece of pop culture that has influenced you into your essay.




While doing this, you must also demonstrate your ability to format a paper in APA style, including proper document [cover page, headers, etc.] and citation [in-text citations and references page] formatting.
* Revisit your essay about your connect to a piece of media or pop culture, and decide where you’d like to integrate ideas from the sources.:
1 Where does each piece of source information fit best?
2 Where should you quote?
3 Where should you paraphrase?
4 Where should you summarize?



Once you’ve decided which part of the source you will use and where and how you will use them…..i] set up your document in APA format



ii] complete your references page
* Integrate your chosen quote ,paraphrase , and summary into your essay…..i] include an
in-text citation with each of these
ii] dont let your quote ,paraphrase or summary stand alone. Be sure to introduce
and explain[or responding to] anything from an outside source.
* In your own words , quotes, while effective , should be used minimally and only when the wording of the quote is so unique, interestingly or specific that paraphrasing or summarizing would be ineffective.

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