Assignment for Sochein

Comparative Analysis
Description: 400-500word comparative analysis, plus MLA/APA citation page
Source:2 sources from your Annotated Bibliography(I have uploaded Annotated Bibliography below, you can choose any two sources to compare. 
Due Date: 11/13 Wednesday 11:59 pm Canvas
Write a comparative analysis of two sources from your Annotated Bibliography
. Analyze concrete details in both sources to establish an insightful relationship
between the two authors’ ideas or structures.
•Identify the main differences and similarities between the two sources.  
•Create an argument, or thesis, about the relationship between two sources.   
•Support your argument with evidence from the sources.  
•Use “So What?” to push your analysis and argument further, particularly in the conclusion.
•Use the “Comparative Analysis Grid” worksheet in the Unit 3 folder as a guide.
Considerations for Evaluation
1. Does the thesis clearly establish an insightful relationship between the two sources? Is there a “So What?”
2. Does the micro-task offer a focused analysis of details that supports a larger claim about the language, audience, or structure of the two sources? 
3. Does the micro-task remain independent and objective by paraphrasing the authors’ words accurately, using internal citations and a minimum of quotations,
and avoiding judgment or personal association?
4. Does the task exhibit coherence through a logical flow of ideas and the use of well-developed paragraphs, transitions, attributive tags, and strong verbs? Does
it adheres to MLA/APA format and citation standards and contains few, if any, grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors?

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