Assignment #2 (100 point, MS Word file only)
Students are required to submit the assignment 2 to your instructor for grading. The assignments are on the assigned materials/textbook topics associated with the course modules. Please read the following instruction and complete it to post on schedule.
Attention: This assignment does NOT require co-working. Please MUST follow the school Academic Honesty Policy.
1. What are the core processes in the SDLC used in this book, and what traditional predictive SDLC phase corresponds to each process? What are the 12 Agile modeling principles? by Agile Development and iterative development?
2. Explain how a Scrum sprint works.
3. List 10 types of benefits that may be considered when approving a project.
4. List four different types of major risks that may cause problems for a project. What is the purpose of a project dashboard?
5. What are a) persistent classes, b) entity classes, c) boundary classes, d) controller classes, and e) data access classes?
6. What is a method signature?  What information is maintained on CRC cards?
7. What are the five components of a standard design pattern definition? What are the benefits of knowing and using design patterns?
8. Explain the two methods of accessing the database to create new objects in memory. List the major implementation responsibilities of each layer in a three-layer design.
9. List and briefly describe each activity of the SDLC core processes Build, test, and integrate system components and Complete system tests and deploy solution.
10. How do user documentation and training activities differ between end users and system operators?
Grading Rubric for the Assignment #2:

Delivery: Delivered the assignments on time, and in correct format: 25 percent
Completion: Providing a thoroughly develop the document including descriptions of all questions: 25 percent
Understanding: Demonstrating a clear understanding of purpose and writing a central idea with mostly relevant facts, details, and/or explanation: 25 percent
Organization: Paper is well organized based on the APA format, makes good use of transition statements, and in most instances follows a logical progression including good use of symbols, spacing in output: 25 percent

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