Assignment 1: Case Study Analysis and Discussion

Assignment 1: Case Study Analysis and Discussion  The case study is provided to you (an acting consultant) in five parts, as follows: 
 Part 1 is a contextual description of the company and how it carries out its business. 

Part 2 is a letter from a Mr. James Baker, a one-time employee of Metro Services. 

Part 3 is a synopsis of the principles and the business conditions. 

Part 4 is a synopsis of the spokesperson’s role and agenda; some of the problems are further defined. 
Part 5 contains the results of a ten-item survey that was given to the employees, with the items and results shown. 

You have been asked (retained) by Metro’s management to study the five existing documents and identify:  

The positives (for resolution) and negatives (for resolution) in favor of the management group and in favor of the employee group

Points of contention related to the positives and negatives. Any of these points can relate to or create conflict conditions

A time-phased strategy to address the conflict and recommendations for change and resolution