Assessment and Evaluation

Assessment and Evaluation

The reliability of an assessment tool is the extent to which it measures learning consistently. The validity of an assessment tool is the extent by which it measures what it was designed to measure. For example, an assessment of the sequence of events in a story would consistently measure a student’s ability to retell a story in chronological order. It would have reliability as an assessment tool. However, if the standard for instruction was making inferences, it would not be a valid measure of that standard. It would have low validity of measuring the targeted standard.

Learn about reliability and types of validity in the attached excerpt from the text Assessment for Reading Instruction (McKenna & Stahl, 2015) pages 38-40 (Reliability and Validity).

Prompt: Describe an assessment you have recently administered to students. Explain why the assessment was, or was not, a reliable and valid assessment tool.
2- An Independent Reading Inventory (IRI), or Running Record, is a form of assessment to determine a student’s oral reading proficiency. The running record was developed by Dr. Marie Clay as a “neutral observation tool” to allow teachers to make systematic and useful observations of their students’ reading. The assessment is performed with one student at a time, so the teacher is able to monitor individual student behaviors as he/she reads. An IRI is commonly performed in guided reading groups, but can be implemented in any content area. There are specific programs to support running records such as F&P kits and LLI kits. Some of these resources are utilized at local GCPS schools, however such kits are not necessary for a teacher to conduct a running record.

The video in this segment, Recording a Running Record (Clemson University Reading Recovery Training Institute, 2019), will explain and provide brief opportunities to practice administering and coding running records on a primary level. The examples used do not represent real children’s reading, but instead provide opportunities to practice using all of the various codes.

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