Ass 1 tm

Team Assignment 1: Team and Team Performance Evaluation.300 Words per each Topic and 2 references per topic
1)Present a discussion of what team is. What type(s) of team do you have in your organization? 
2)What is meant by the “internal processes” of a team? Why is it important to manage both the internal processes and external opportunities/constraints of a team?
3)What are some effective strategies for enhancing successful team performance? How can these strategies help to decrease threats to team performance and motivation?
4)Have you experienced social loafing or free riding in a team setting? What could have been done or can be done to avoid these effects?
5)Discuss the key advantages and disadvantages to an incentive pay system. Within an incentive pay system, what are the advantages and disadvantages to rewarding team members in terms of their competencies? In terms of their results?
discuss the questions above.
Present a comprehensive written presentation of your answers to the questions above
Support your written presentation with at least 6 sources excluding your textbook. 
Use APA throughout.
Your written paper is due no later than Sunday, Jan 28 at 7 AM Submit your complete paper via Moodle. Submit only one written paper per team. 

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