Complete this activity after you have read Chapter 3.2 The Middle Ages and Chapter 4.2 Spirituality. Reflect on the buildings and other sacred spaces you’ve seen in these chapters, or others we’ve already studied.
Design a “sacred space,” such as a house of worship or a place for meditation. This can be for any religion or spiritual practice, but your design should be original. (In other words, do not describe a building or place that already exists.)

Where will it be? (Give a specific place, or a general type of place such as a big city or in the woods)
Who will use it? A large congregation, an intimate group, or just an individual?
What is it made of, how is it arranged, and how is the space used?

Think of examples such as the design of Gothic churches, with ambulatories and altars, or the way that people walk around stupas as they meditate.
Are there multiple areas or just one main space?
Are the materials symbolic, or practical, or both?

How is it decorated, if at all?

What historical, spiritual, or natural symbolism is incorporated, and why?

You have two options for this response:

Upload an image of a drawing you personally made to depict this space. Then write about 100 words to answer the questions above that are not already answered in your drawing. OR
Write your entire response (no drawing). This response should be 250-300 words.

You can be as creative as you like, but I do want to see some terms and concepts that you’ve learned in this class!

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