Article Review Paper (Choose any subject or topic)

Paper Outline and Required Format

Write your paper using and following the required format (Please put the headings directly in your paper):

I.   Introduction – Brief Introductory sentence or paragraph to your paper

II.  Purpose of the Research – Purpose of the research study you chose (What is the general purpose, research question? Hypotheses?)

III. Theories: What Theories or models are discussed? Briefly explain them. (Theories answer the question “why?”. If the authors of the article mention none, what models, theories, or concepts from class make sense? )

IV. Research Method
A.     Sample/subjects (Who? How many? Obtained how and where? Biases?)
B.     Data Collection method and procedure (Was the study an experiment? Or interview, etc.? Give some DETAILS on the data collection procedure.)
C.     Ethical Issues (discuss informed consent, right to privacy, protection from harm…)
D.     Measures/variables (What were the major dependent and independent variables and how were they measured or manipulated?

V.  Results (What were the major findings? Were the hypotheses and theory supported?)

VI. Summary statement or paragraph for the paper (This can include a concise summary of the results, limitations of the study, implications of the results, why the study is basic or applied research, etc.)

Documentation: College papers must follow proper referencing guidelines. Please use the American Psychological Association’s style manual, also known as the APA style manual to document your work. You can find the APA style guide if you search the website.

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