Article Response Paper

Article Response Instructions

Choose one of the following articles found in the Reading & Study folder of Module/Week 4 to respond to. Be sure to answer all of the questions that correlate with the article and properly cite your article within the text and in your reference page.  Your response should be formatted to APA writing style (title page, running head, page numbers, reference page, etc.) with at least one in-text citation.
• “Blogging Classroom Connects to Parents”
Reflect on the article. What are your initial thoughts upon reading this article? Do you have any personal experience with this form of written communication? Is this something that you would implement into your classroom? How could you tailor an assignment like this to fit the grade levels and subjects that you wish to teach? 

• “The ABCs of Managing Teacher Stress”
Reflect on the article. Can you empathize with these types of stress? What other forms of stress, not mentioned in the article, might teachers encounter? Present a stressful situation a teacher might come across. After describing a detailed scenario, explain how you would respond to the situation. What does the Bible have to say about handling stress? Use scripture to support your argument.

• “Communicating Effectively with All Colleagues, Even ‘Difficult’ Ones”
Reflect on the article. Does communication really matter? Although this article is told from a psychologist’s point of view, there are many ideas that teachers can pull from the article in regards to working with colleagues. Describe three of the tips you feel are the most important. Explain why these are the most important tips that teachers should listen to and apply. From a Christian standpoint, what are some additional tips for teachers to apply in communicating effectively with colleagues? Provide verses that support your argument.

Paper should be 350-450 words!

Articles: URL’s For each article:

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