Article Presentation Mgmt 591

Article Presentation Mgmt 591.
Article Presentation – Leader-follower relationship What is the issue that necessitates that such an article be written? The purpose of this article is to determine who the leader is and who the follower is, how they are connected and what are the differences between them. One of the issues in this article is that the followers are not as well defined in literature as leaders, not much attention is paid to this important group. Another issue of this article is how to develop good relationship between leaders and followers.
Simpson and Harris proposed 5 ways in which leader-follower relationship develop. What strategies or techniques are used to address the issue? Once we are fully connected in our leader-follower roles, we have a foundation on which to build. Trust, energy, openness and attitude can emerge from within. We will be mutually empowered to listen to each other and to be aware of proper distance and positioning. Just as dancing is an art, so too is leading and following.
We can execute our strategic plan and still miss our objectives if we get disconnected along the way – from ourselves or from our leader. Your conclusion and recommendations. The common theme here for leaders and followers is frequent interaction resulting in a shared understanding and a mutual respect to achieve established goals. Much like any relationship, the leader-follower/follower-leader relationship requires mutual commitment and effort, and the input and ideas of both parties needs to be valued. My recommendation is clearly define which role plays each character-leader and follower.

They both are very important in any organization, and they can’t exist without each other, because one comes from another one. Provide a list of discussion questions useful for leading a discussion of the article. * How do you personally define a leader and a follower? How to become a good leader/follower? * In your organization, who is more important –leader or follower? Why? * What are the guidelines that should be at the foundation of a healthy leader/follower relationship? * In your organization or in personal life, do you have followers? Why are they following you?

Article Presentation Mgmt 591

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