Article Discussion on Social Problems

Article Discussion on Social Problems.

Required Text:
Social Problems in a Diverse Society (6th Ed) by Diana Kendall. ISBN: 9780205152902

Article Discussion 2 will follow a similar format as Article Discussion 1 with a big twist. By now, you will notice that some of the textbook’s data points and examples about social problems are dated or wrong. For this discussion, I would like you to find something you disagree with (in the textbook), state why you disagree, and then choose an article that supports your point of view.

Article Discussion on Social Problems

How to do the assignment:

Step 1) What is the social problem you are addressing and what did the textbook get wrong? (note: this will likely be a full paragraph sized answer.)

Step 2) Identify and share an article representing a social problem addressed in chapters 7-12 that supports your thesis or opinion about what is wrong in the textbook. Again, the article can be a video, an article from a sociological journal, or even one from a quality magazine.

Step 3) Write an analysis or critique of the article and discuss its cause-effect patterns.

Step 4) Use the Symbolic Interactionist social theory to examine the social problem you’ve selected.

Step 5) ‘Reply’ to your fellow student posts (step 3) with a critical evaluation of their comments, propose alternatives, expand on their ideas, etc. At a minimum, respond to a post from at least 3 of your classmates. Remember, these are intended to be discussions, so don’t leave each other waiting for input and responses).


Format should be the same as article discussion #1 where you list each step and respond to it in separate paragraphs.Format should be the same as article discussion #1 where you list each step and respond to it in separate paragraphs.

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