leading in an Organization   
Article/case-study review (2014-2019)
Article review #1: Select a concept from our textbook that you would like to further study.
Please see guidelines below:

3-5 page paper,      double spaced, 12 font (not including cover page and reference page).
The article must      be a related article from a scholarly journal.
Works cited –      APA format.  (include an additional minimum of 2 different references      from 2014-2019). All references must be peer reviewed. Please ask      if you are unfamiliar with this requirement.
Edit/correct/proof      your paper before submission
All submissions      are scanned through Turnitin

Your paper should have the following headers and information:

Cover page:      Include your name, course name, date, etc.
Introduction:      Introduce the article title, author(s), year published, brief description      of the study.
Main purpose:      State as accurately as possible the author’s purpose for conducting the      study. Refer to journal article Abstract.
Basic argument:      The key question(s) that the author is addressing… What are the key      question(s) in the mind of the author(s) when they wrote the article? 
Key concept(s):      What are some concepts that you need to understand and know about in this      article? What are the most important ideas you would have to understand in      order to understand the author’s line of reasoning?
Important facts:      Include important findings, information or key points in this article is…      (Figure out the facts, experiences, data the author is using to support      his/her conclusions.)
Personal      takeaways: What did you learn from the article?  How has what you      learned broadened your understanding of what your article is showcasing? 
Assumption(s):      What is the author taking for granted or might be questioned about?

· New findings: What new research has been conducted on this topic?  Incorporate the new research articles. What is the connection to the main article? 

Conclusions:      Identify the key conclusions the author comes to and presents in the      article, your stance, and findings.
Reference page:      Include library link of articles reviewed and those links mentioned above.
Edit/correct/proof      your paper before submission

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