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Students should prepare and submit an essay of 500 words to address: 

How did this course better prepare you, as an organizational leader, for a global, interconnected world? How does the practice of theatre, and those who create it, connect to your own work as a leader and collaborator?

“Please reference anything dealing with fine arts, dynamics of staging/theater, something about Romeo and Juliet”    


Does the essay demonstrate an understanding of leadership in theatre practice, e.g. through the work of the director?  
10 pts

Connections to Broader Contexts

Does the essay address how theatre connects to leadership in other contexts/sectors?
10 pts

Global Understanding

Does the essay include connections between theatre, leadership, and a global world?
10 pts


Is the essay well structured, with an interesting opening in an introductory paragraph that states the thesis and gives a brief overview of the points that will support the thesis, several paragraphs covering the main points, and a good conclusion that does more than restate the main points?
10 pts


Has the essay been edited for spelling, grammar, tense, number, commas, semicolons, etc.?  Does the student present his/her points in a clear, articulate manner? See Grammar/Style Checklist.
5 pts

Word Count

Does the assignment largely meet the word requirement?
5 pts

Total50 pts 

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