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4. Art Talk – Late Medieval, Giotto & Duccio
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Step 1 – Images: Giotto, Madonna Enthroned, (Ognissanti Madonna), from the Chiesa di Ognissanti (All Saints Church), Florence, ca. 1310, tempera & gold leaf on wood & Duccio, Virgin and Child Enthroned with Saints, principal panel of the font of the Maestá altarpiece, from Siena Cathedral, Siena, Italy 1308-11, tempera & gold leaf on wood

Step 2 – This Discussion is divided into 2 parts

What are the similarities and differences?  Make sure you include a minimum of 2 similarities and differences for both images.  For example, the formal elements with color & line.  Please read the textbook & the Instructor PDF file.  This will enable you to include specific information in your answer.  

Do you think the size of the architectural structure influenced the size of the altarpiece?  Giotto’s altarpiece was inside of a church & Duccio’s altarpiece was inside of a cathedral (very large church).

Step 3 – In order to get full credit, answer the question and then respond to a minimum of 3 other student postings with comments (see Guidelines for Art Talk and Ground Rules in your Syllabus).  Be sure to complete this Section before it  closes.  I cannot reopen a Section once it has closed.
Step 4 – Remember, the Discussions are separated into 3 Sections and close Weekly – on Sunday at 11:59 PM.  The closing day will always be the same during the semester.  This means that if Sunday is a holiday, please plan accordingly to complete the Discussion.  The Discussions are open for 1 week and no extra time is allowed.

Step 5 – Once a Discussion has closed, I will read & graded them – this may take a few days. Once graded, I will send an Announcement with the answers and a summation of what I read from your postings and comments. You will be able to see your grades in the Grades link after I have read/graded the Discussion.

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