Art History: Renaissance to the Present Museum Essay

Art History: Renaissance to the Present Museum Essay. When people think of museums, art museums most often come to mind—solemn places where visitors stand in silence contemplating neat rows of paintings. The exploratory, hands-on science center, the contextualized ethnographic collection (think dioramas), and the storytelling of history museums seem worlds away. But all museums have a history to tell. Museums are more than containers of things; rather, they are complex reflections of the cultures that produced them, including their politics, social structures, and systems of thought.

Art History: Renaissance to the Present Museum Essay

The detail guidelines is in a word document attached in the additional material section. The object chosen for this analysis essay can be any 14th Century Italian painting or 15th Century Flemish painting.

The ‘sources to be cited’ should be the ‘at least four objects or monuments’ as written in the guideline word document. Some of them can be found in the guideline document, or in the ‘list of resources to be used’ document, or I believe most of the 14th Century Italian paintings or 15th Century Flemish paintings would work for this part as well.

According to information given during class, the comparison between the ‘4 sources’ and the chosen object for essay can be about story, background, techniques, materials, etc…

Here is a transcription of the instructions given in class about this essay:
“Choose an object that is going to be the focus of the paper. Each of you papers will begin, in one way or another, “In *this museum* somewhere, or in *this church* somewhere, is a painting by *this artist*.” Your job is to tell me, how that thing make sense to you, why it looks the way it does. And to do so, you are going to use 4 other objects to contextualize, make sense of the object that you have chosen as your focus.”

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