Art Discussion

Context: Art and Craft
You will examine the importance of context in art by considering the evaluation of objects as either art or craft, and how the removal of objects from their original context can affect our interpretation of them.

First, view the following video, which discusses the difference between art and craft: What’s the Difference Between Art and Craft?
Read the following New York Times article on this debate: Beyond Cultural Labeling, Beyond Art Versus Craft
Then respond to all parts of the following questions:

Discuss the differences between art and craft; art, artisan, and craftsperson; the minor arts and the major arts, and whether you think these distinctions are valuable or not.
How does context and purpose affect the way an object is classified?
Can artifacts and art objects be fully appreciated if removed from their original context? Why or why not? Upload an image of one object (captioned with artist, title, date) you reference in your post.

Reply to other students who might differ from your thoughts on art and craft. How does context, intent, and technique factor into your thoughts?
To receive full credit students must do the following:

Write 1 substantive original response* to all parts of the question before the initial posting deadline.**
* Responses should be a minimum of 200 words. 

Include an image that refers to your post, properly cited references and resources in MLA format.

Photographic references should be labeled to include artist name, title, date, and media (when available).
Downsize all images to 500 px or less before embedding them into your post.

Resource Links

Art Research Guide
MLA Toolkit
Academic Integrity and Plagiarism

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